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Once you have opened your eBook, if it isn't already, begin by enabling the Bookmarks in the sidebar (See image to the left). Adobe's Acrobat Reader calls it Bookmarks (The icon that opens it, looks like a little ribbon). The default reader for Mac computers (Premier) calls it the Table of Contents (TOC). On the Mac you will find it under 'View' in the top tool bar. Which ever reader your using, just make sure either the Bookmarks or the TOC is open and showing (see example to the left). Note: The Bookmarks or Table of Contents, scrolls independently from the content window for easy viewing of the indexed page links.

Each Chapter is clearly titled. Look for
Triangles next to the entries. If you see a Triangle, click on it. Triangles mean that there is a hidden drop down menu with subtopics or continued pages from the one you have open. If you click on the Triangle again it will hide the submenu.

Each chapter, title or subtitled is
linked to a page. That means, all you have to do is click on it with your mouse and the page will open in the window. Better than books…You can't get lost or loose your place - navigation is a breeze. No thumbing back and forth and forgetting page numbers from an index to the text.
Depending on your PDF Reader, Acrobat for Windows computers or Preview, the default reader on the Mac, spend a few minutes getting to know the lay of the land. Familiarize yourself with all the tools in the toolbar that your reader has to offer.

Your book has print capability enabled. You can print one page or any number of pages, even the entire volume if you'd like. All the chapters and each of pages are sequentially numbered.

While the book is open, look for a link at the top of your monitor called
'View'. Most readers offer 'Full Screen' mode, besides the standard size it auto opens in. Another feature is viewing single pages or two pages open side by side. It's a matter of personal preference as which will work best for you. Experiment and have fun.

If you are using the Pro Version of the book, 'Chapter 13' Anatomy, is the only section that you will need to 'Rotate' the pages, 'CLOCKWISE' to the RIGHT, for viewing. On the Mac if your are using 'Preview', look under 'Tools' located in the top toolbar, from the drop down menu, choose 'Rotate Right'. If you are using the Acrobat Reader, look under 'View' and choose 'Rotate View', and then choose 'Clockwise' you will see a little, rotation icon, click on the icon that symbolizes rotate to the right.

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