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How do I get my free eBook upgrades?

If you have downloaded your eBook through this website your book was automatically registered at the time of your purchase and you will be notified via email of any upgrades performed within 1 year of your purchase date. When the enhancements are released, your email notice will contain a list of the new additions to the book, plus instructions and a free download link.

Enhancements may include new additions to any of the content areas of the book, such as adding new remedies to the Materia Medica and Therapeutic Repertories, etc.

New Editions

If you have an older edition of the eBook (Fast Forward to the Cure, Pro Ver. 1.0), you are entitled to and will receive a 40% off discount code for the newest edition. At the time of this writing, your discount would apply to the most recent version of the book -- Fast Forward to the Cure, Pro 2.0, released in September of 2012.


If you change your email address be sure to let us know, so that we can enter your new address in our notification system.